Project Revive


Well this is embarrassing…

We understand. We’ve been very inactive in the head administration. Normally this happens when the school season begins, but not to this degree. We’ve noticed our player count decrease and the quality of our server decrease drastically. Now, its time to change that!

Over the upcoming days, we are planning to turn this around, to avoid yet another shutdown.

Some of the immediate changes are the following…

  • New, revamped staff team. This means new trial mods, and more staff influence on the servers in general.
  • Introduction of a new voting system, to make your votes much more worthwhile.
  • Introduction of new server positions, including a promotions/social media manager.
  • Stability improvements, along with some much needed bug fixes!

In the upcoming weeks, expect to see the following…

  • Introduction of one, possibly two new gamemodes.
  • New gameplay features in factions (selling… ?)
  • More bug fixes and stability improvements.

Of course, this is just a general list. More could change, faster than expected. We are doing all of these things to help revive the one great server. However, we do need help from all of you.

We need your votes, and your input on things we can do to improve our server!

  • Make sure to vote by heading over here
  • Let us know how we are doing, and how we can improve by talking to our staff, or messaging us in discord.

Hopefully this will help return the server to its “opening” state (or former glory).

Stay up to date with our server news by joining our discord!