By accessing our services, you agree to all terms/policies listed below

Peepzcraft Network General – Terms of Serivce

Peepzcraft is a free to use and connect to multiplayer community game server. We expect all guidelines expressed in the Peepzcraft TOS will be understood by all whom choose to connect. If you do not agree with any of the statements in our agreement, disconnect from the server and remove any accounts associated with Peepzcraft, Peepzcraft Network (formerly Peepzcraft MCPE Network), or any third parties connected to Peepzcraft (ex. sister server).

Fair Server Usage

All players whom connect to the server, must abide by our Fair Server Usage. This helps to maintain a safe, fair gameplay environment for all whom are online. Players must stay within designated areas of the server. This includes both in game aspects along with physical server hardware and connections. This includes areas such as spawns, specialty shops, private/beta servers, etc in game. Players shall not attempt to enter areas which they are not allowed to be in. Details regarding where players should and shouldn’t be are stated in server rules.

Fair Network Usage

Fair Network Usage refers to physical network connections to our servers, including IP connections. Players must stay on designated network paths, and must not tamper with the network. Network connections remain fair to utilize in it’s intended way. Intended Use – Carrying traffic to our Minecraft Server, for sole legal gameplay purposes. Violation of this can result in permanent suspension from our networks, and possibly legal charges if tampering of network illegally is detected and can be proven.

Disclosure/NDA Policy

This policy is designed to enforce any information given to players from the server. Information given from the server falls under two categories, “public” meaning that it can be viewed, shared and replicated through legal means to other persons on the server, or “confidential” meaning information cannot be shared, viewed or replicated through any means, expect between proper personnel (staff and player). Violation of this can result in suspension from all Peepzcraft services.


Purchases – Terms and Agreements

Terms and Agreements listed here are regarding purchases condoned within the server. It applies to anything sold from Peepzcraft in exchange for a tangible income source (USD, Euro, etc.).

Refund Policy

Peepzcraft has a no refund policy, meaning any purchases made by the player has full consent from the payment holder (whether the player themself, legal guardian or the person responsible for the payment method). Refunds are only given under special circumstances, and must have written consent from Peepzcraft Network for a refund of the purchase. Special circumstances must be brought forth to the network within 60 days of the purchase, otherwise no refund can or shall be given.

Chargebacks/”Forced” Refunds

Any chargebacks committed will result in permanent suspension from all Peepzcraft Network services, including third parties owned/affiliated with Peepzcraft Network. If a special circumstance arises which requires a refund, it must be considered valid via our Refund Policy.

“Lifetime” Rank Purchases

“Lifetime” rank purchases represent that the player responsible for holding the rank, will continue to hold that rank for the duration of the server’s lifetime. Peepzcraft Network reserves the right to revoke the “Lifetime” rank one year after the rank purchase, or if the network officially shuts down (whichever comes first). If rank is revoked after one year, Peepzcraft Network must notify the account holder 7 days prior to removal of rank. We reserve the right to revoke a rank if illegal activities are suspected from the account holder, whether considered “in-game” illegal and/or physical illegal actions (DDoS, “Hacking”, etc).

Suspension Rank Policy

If the account holder/player is banned continually banned for minor infractions, or one serious infraction (Damage to physical server, DDoS, etc), we reserve the right to revoke the rank from the account holder/player without reason. If a player is banned three times for minor infractions, we also reserve the right to revoke the rank to inflict further punishment against the player.


Private Policy

Below states our Private Policy, and what data we collect and how we can or shall use the data collected from players who play on Peepzcraft Network, or access any of our services or other affiliates.

Collection of Data

We collect various pieces of data from players, including IP addresses, usernames, IP based locales, faction data, chat messages, alternate accounts, friend data, coins, login data, address when comitting purchase, etc.  All data is collected only when the player logs onto our services. All access to our network is based on the sole decision of the player.

Usage of Data

All data collected will never be sold on the behalf of Peepzcraft. All data collected is used for statistic purposes, including monthly player count, locale tallys, tracking suspected hackers or illegal account holder activity, etc. We will never willingly sell or give away data to advertisers, other players or other server networks.

Storage/Protection of Data

Storage of said data takes place on multiple platforms. We will attempt to protect this data as much of we can to our knowledge. However, it is the players responsibility decesion of whether to share protected data on the server or not. If personal information is given on our network (Ex. via in-game chat), the information shared does not apply under our Private Policy.